STOP – Sensitize and Train Organisations to fight against the Prostitution of minors

STOP is a project funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training program. It aims to train and raise awareness among professionals and social educators to combat and protect children from the sexual exploitation in prostitution.

It involves a partnership of five organizations in France, Italy, Spain and Greece and aims to:

Raise understanding and awareness of the phenomenon of child sexual exploitation in prostitution.

Produce capacity building materials for professionals in the educational community on prevention and support mechanisms to counter child sexual exploitation.

Improve the knowledge of professionals in France, Spain, Greece and Italy to counter child sexual exploitation in prostitution.


Pistes Solidaires

Pistes Solidaires is an association of non-formal education that promotes active methods. It was created in 2002. Our methods and activities promote transversality in learning.

We develop our work in 3 departments:

  1. Youth and European learning mobility: we develop education to mobility and learning mobility through volunteering, youth exchanges and internships abroad. We create and gather opportunities for 300+ young people each year to have a strong learning experience.
  2. Social transition and innovations: focusing on research and innovation in the social and educational field, we create educational, social or socio-cultural resources in order to better answer needs that emerge in a society in transition.
  3. European Citizenship: Since 2013, we have been labelled Europe Direct by the European Commission. Our missions: to inform, advise, and strengthen the knowledge about Europe, its member States, its impact on our daily life…Through non-formal education techniques and methods, we organize dozens of activities to develop the European citizenship feeling of the people
UPV Universitat Politècnica de València

UPV is The Basque Public University that has more than 35,000 students and is made up of nine universities. His motto is “give it and spread it”. The university is based on social and inclusive values to meet the demands of society. Within the university, there are different research groups. One of them is KideOn which focuses on inclusion and social issues. Besides, KideOn has the collaboration of different social and research entities, as well as professionals from other foreign universities. The commitment is inclusion and equity. These research group has got six lines of research and one of this lines is “Gender inclusion and feminist research”.

From this line, different educational and social programs have been worked. In fact, we are participating in different collaborative projects with different agents of socio-educational action (professionals, administration, children, adolescents and groups in vulnerable situations). Additionally, it is transferred to the classroom to have an impact on teaching and thus be able to achieve a social transformation to improve people’s quality of life.

Four Elements

Four Elements is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), certified by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. It is an innovative and pioneering Greek organization that focuses on issues pertaining to:
Social inclusion, Gender equality, Employability and equal opportunities, Scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues, Education and capacity building.
Since its establishment four ELEMENTS has undertaken numerous projects and programmes, many in collaboration with large well-established organizations both in Greece and abroad, targeting the following societal groups: Women and especially women in difficult situations, Immigrants and refugees, Elderly, Persons with physical disabilities and mental disorders, Long-term unemployed and those with low professional qualifications.
Four ELEMENTS mission is to contribute towards sustainable development and efficient utilization of all available resources in society for creating better living environments.


CESIE is a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, centre for the development of cultural, recreational, social, educational, economical, research initiatives, without lucrative purposes. CESIE contributes, through the active participation of people, civic society and institutions, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity.


The “Artisans du Social” specializing in the care of children who are said to be complex or disabled.
SCOP MEITIS is part of national public policy on child prevention and protection. It works for social and human innovation in the service of children in difficulty under the child welfare system.
It was founded in 2013 by Thomas Demière and Mohamed Sami. Drawing on their years of experience as managers in specialized prevention, and directors of social and medico-social establishments, Thomas Demière and Mohamed Sami have given priority to the good of children, to their human dignity in supporting their journey through life and access to rights.
Driven by a genuine quality policy backed by the ISO approach, SCOP MEITIS, with its multidisciplinary team, offers players in the child welfare and disability sectors an individualized approach to the care of minors up to the age of majority, and stability for young people after successive failures.
A strong commitment to inclusion and the fight against all forms of discrimination is reflected in our involvement with complex cases and young people with disabilities, and in our ability to help these “extraordinary” young people evolve in a safe, serene environment.
The children are cared for in a family environment at the heart of Home Meitis’s living and care facilities, and Nehemie’s alternative places of residence. SCOP MEITIS provides ongoing training in the medical-social professions via Meitis formation. SCOP MEITIS also innovates by developing an engineering service for the social sector called Intraneos Synergie. Last but not least, SCOP MEITIS tells the “beautiful stories” of ASE young people through its Khayyam audiovisual production company.